Upcoming Missions

All medical missions come about in response to invitations. Having seen God's powerful love in action, founding team members were led by the Holy Spirit to respond to future requests for short term medical missions.

Requests have been received from local church pastors and international evangelists, together with individual expatriate Christians longing to serve their home village through medical mission.

Confirmed mission locations include.

  • 1-16 February 2020- Sierra Leone

Possible future missions include

  • Uganda (linked with Bruno Musana & Ruth Karibo)
  • Maasailand, Tanzania (linked to Ps Kereto, MEA)
  • Maasailand, Kenya (linked to Ps David Kereto, Maasai Evangelistic Association)
  • Nyazura, Zimbabwe (linked to Ps Bimha, Seventh Day Adventist Church)
  • Philippines (linked to Nick Fell evangelist)
  • Andra Pradesh, India (linked to Ps Prem Babu, Blessington Trust)
  • Amazon -Manaus, Brazil

If you would like to request a team, please contact us.