Meet The Team

Richard Scott

Dr Richard Scott- Chairman

Richard is a GP in Margate and has vast experience in medical missions for over 30 years. He has worked as surgeon in UK and Tanzania and has been head of evangelism for Through Faith Missions as an evangelist in England, India and parts of Africa. He is also a well sought after speaker and author of the book, 'Christians In the Firing Line'. He is founding member of EMMA.

Tony Males

Dr Tony Males - Treasurer

Tony is a GP in Cambridge and has been involved in medical missions for several years. He is a prolific bible teacher and is lead pastor for Arbury Community Church in Cambridge. He has also been involved in bible teaching and medical missions in India as well as Indonesia and Kenya. He is a founding member of EMMA.

Dr Kwasi Appiah - Communications

Kwasi is a GP in Bishops Stortford and has been involved in both medical and evangelistic missions for over 15 years. He has been involved in missions to Sierra Leone, Scotland, Poland, Nigeria, India, Kenya, Spain, South Africa and Ghana (his native country). He is also passionate aboout preaching and mens ministry in his local church in Bishops Stortford. He is a founding member of EMMA

Caroline Louis - Secretary

Caroline is an occupational therapist in London. She has been involved in medical missions and christian ministry for several years. She has served as a therapist in missions in India, Kenya, Indonesia and Malaysia (her native country). She is also involved in her local church in small group leadership at All Souls Church, central London. She is a founding memeber of EMMA