Richard Scott
Dr Richard Scott
Richard is a doctor with 30 years experience in several countries including working in Tanzania and is the lead evangelist for Through Faith Missions. He is author of 'Christian in the Firing line' after making news headlines about his faith as a doctor.
Tel: +44 1843 600912
Tony Males
Dr Tony Males
Tony is a GP in Cambridge and a founding member of EMMA. He has a link to a network of churches in India and leads the Mission Trips to the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. He is also an elder at Arbury Community Church, Cambridge.
Mobile: +44 7876 442438
Kwasi Appiah
Dr Kwasi Appiah
Founding Member
Kwasi is a GP in Bishop's Stortford and a founding member of EMMA. He has been involved in Medical Missions since his first trip as a medical student in 2004 to Sierra Leone (supported by Tony Males!) and various other EMMA missions including India as well as leading a team himself to his native country Ghana in 2012. He is a member of Community Church Bishop's Stortford.
Tel: +44 7960 862 590
Caroline Louis
Caroline Louis
Caroline is an Occupational Therapist and a Hand therapist in the UK. She has served as a short term missionary in a few developing countries. She is an active member of All Souls Church, Central London.
Mobile: +44 7599 703300